49 Billion + Dollars Just Waiting To Be
Given Away!!!
Make Huge Commissions By Giving Regular People Free Money.

Unclaimed Funds
is a brand new simple course that lets you profit by giving people money they are owed. 
49 Billion + Dollars Just Waiting To Be
Given Away!!!
Make Huge Commissions By Giving Regular People Free Money.

Unclaimed Funds
is a brand new simple course that lets you profit by giving people money they are owed. 

We have Student result
after Student result!

You have probably
never seen a sales page with This much real proof.

You can do this From ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!!!

or Technical Ability

Special Message from James

Video from Mark who has made money
with Unclaimed funds for over 10 years!

Special Video message from David

You’ve probably heard of
“high-ticket Affiliate programs”

affiliate deals that Pay you between $250 and 

  $1,000 commission

(Usually you have to get people to buy something expensive through your affiliate link…)

And, while these programs DO exist and they can sometimes pay out good money, the PROBLEM is, you have to PRE-SELL like crazy to an EXISTING AUDIENCE if you expect to actually earn a commission.

Think About It, You Have To either:

  • Do a live webinar 
  • Create pre-sell landing pages
  • Create "bridge" pages
  • Build out elaborate funnels
  • Pay for ads
  • All while hoping to get success
So you pretty much have to be a MARKETING EXPERT,  using sales copy that will help sell that product, using image, using video, using testimonials and much more, to just have a chance a payday. Many times you are paying for ads and going into the red trying to make a profit!

What if you could earn the highest
commissions you've ever seen...
WITHOUT all that work and effort?

All you have to do is let regular people know they are due money and you get paid. 

(from a GIANT pool of over 49 Billion dollars, just waiting to be claimed!)

1. Unclaimed Funds Is totally recession proof (in fact as the recession deepens people will and are already screaming out for what this offers!

2. It is a 49 Billion Dollar treasure chest, that is Government guaranteed.

3. There is more money being deposited into this Treasure Chest than being withdrawn. Meaning its increasing year on year

4. This is a little known Industry, low competition, Blue Ocean Strategy!

5. Its been established for over 200 years

6. Its Govt mandated to grow each year!

7. The Opportunity is endless!

Where does this money come from? 

There is a huge world that most people don’t know about where people are owed money from the government for many reasons. Maybe the person moved and a pension check couldn’t get to them.

 Maybe their house was foreclosed on and actually was sold for more than what was owed. They should have received a check but for whatever reason they didn’t get it. There are so many reasons why this happens. That is the first thing you need to understand. That this money absolutely exists and is there for the taking.

The issue is that the government is busy being the government. They don’t have the time or desire to track down millions of people to give them the money that they are owed.

This Is Where You Come In You See

that money Is available to be given to people

You get them free money and for this little effort you make a commission.

With the Unclaimed Funds system we show you exactly where to find this free money and get paid by handing it out.

Most people simply don’t realize that there is money waiting for them.

You are the middle person between that money and the people.

We Have Proof, After Proof Of People Just Like You

 That Get Paid By Giving Away Money From
The Unclaimed Funds System. 




hat we’re about to share with you has already made hundreds of people

From MANY THOUSANDS to MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in commissions and what is really amazing about it is, YOU ARE NOT SELLING ANYTHING…

In fact…

People are making commission by…


They didn’t sell a thing
They didn’t run solo ads
They didn’t build any funnels
They didn’t know what a
“bridge page” was
They didn’t ask ANYONE to
spend ANY MONEY…
All they did was easily find this money, get it to people and make a commission.

You can be anywhere in the world to do this!

There is so much money available that there is plenty of room for EVERYONE!

1. We show you exactly how to find the money that is owed
2. We show you how to easily find the people to give the money (There are so many crazy ways to do this)
3. How to get paid for hooking up the money with the people. 

No need to be on video 
No need to have a following
All you need is this system!

This can be completely automated without you having to speak to anyone!

There Is So Much Free  Money Available 
To Give Away To Regular People!

With this program, you really do have the potential TO MAKE 4 figures to 6 figures.

This is REAL and DOABLE, by ANYONE, young, old, newbie, experienced, you name it, you can do this from anywhere in the world!

You can get paid directly anywhere in the world.

You have a whole new exciting future ahead of you and all you have to do is get this system and get started TODAY!


Watch Britt getting paid Live.
$8,200 Commission.

David with a 19,879 .75 Check

Rose testimonial Interview

$4,300 commission

Lee Interview - 100K in 30 days following
the Unclaimed Funds System!

Check Reveal

Dell’s journey - Unclaimed Funds Side Hustel
of 90 - 100k part-time during retirement

Billions available all over the USA to give away. In fact roughly 30 million people in the United States alone are due money. 

 (You do NOT have to live in the USA to profit from this!)

You can be anywhere in the world to give this money away and get paid).

We know it can be hard to believe, especially when you’ve seen

other opportunities that “promise
the world”, but fail to deliver

But we have proven ourselves - over and over again - by ONLY bringing you REAL, ACTIONABLE OPPORTUNITIES THAT REALLY WORK!

We have never seen a hotter opportunity than this where ANYONE, at ANY SKILL LEVEL can have massive success.

This is 100% the REAL DEAL and you can begin making money IMMEDIATELY - as soon as you download the Unclaimed Funds system!

It isn’t just about you making fat commissions.

It’s that you’re literally getting paid to give free money away!

People love you for this

While there’s no guarantee that you are going to make a million dollars 5 minutes after getting this product, what we CAN promise you is that you have a VERY REAL OPPORTUNITY to make crazy commissions by giving away free money to regular people when you know the specific Unclaimed Funds System.

All without having an audience, paying anything out of pocket, having to speak to anyone, be on camera or any of the other things we can’t stand doing when marketing.

This is such easy money that we are all in, using our knowledge of internet marketing to go after it and make millions!

It really is a no-brainer.

And we are happy to bring it to you

because there is plenty of opportunity for EVERYONE.

(There Really Is More Money Sitting There Than Any One Person Can Give
Away - And Earn Commissions On) We Are Talking Billions Of Dollars)

Even more testimonials!

This woman above is a grandmother who lives in the inner city of Chicago. One night on a group coaching call, she had a breakdown. Her house had been shot at 22 times during a time that she let her nephew stay there. He was involved with a dangerous gang member, and once he broke up with her, her family shot up the grandmother’s house. She told me, and I quote, “Nobody cares about Black on Black crime, and nobody is doing anything about this.”

She just wanted to be successful. She found out that Google had unclaimed property and she made a profit!
The point is you can be from any situation and make this work for you. It isn’t about having prior knowledge.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or an Internet Guru.

You simply have to follow the steps.

Discover how to profit by giving away free money to regular people with the Unclaimed funds system..


See you on the inside,


James Renouf

Mark Gannon

David Church

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Guarantee Terms: If Unclaimed Funds does not work as stated we will return your payment - Refunds are always honoured so there are No Risks!

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